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By John S. Wood (Chairman) Commitee on Un-American Activities

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One of the most vicious Communist organizations ever set up in this country . Declared subversive by the Attorney General . 90. Where is it located and who are its officers? 4105%Z Third Avenue, South, Birmingham, Alabama. Rev. Claude C . Williams, director ; Edna Joyce King, executive secretary ; Owen H . Whitfield and Winifred L. Chappell, associate directors ; Carl Haessler, Calla E . Tennant, and Clara M. Vincent, trustees ; Cederic Belfrage, research director . 91. What does it do? It teaches Communist ideas, pretending that they are Christian ideas .

What does that mean, exactly? Just study for a minute these figures on the present size and nature of religion and its works in the U . S. A . : 256 denominations. 253,000 churches and synagogues . 77,ooo,ooo members . 162,000 Sunday schools . 13,000 parochial schools . 690 colleges and schools of higher learning . Libraries, radio stations, publishing houses for books, magazines and newspapers . Charities, orphanages, hospitals, missionary forces . Ladies' aids and auxiliaries. Men's societies, young people's organizations, children's groups .

Look at the world today and see if the people of Europe and Asia have anything to laugh about, now that Communism has captured so many of them. 3. If Communism should conquer America, what would happen to the schools? Real education would stop . Only training would be allowed . 53 6. What's the difference? All the difference there is between freedom and jail . 7. What is "education"? People are "educated" when they learn to go after facts and to think for themselves . 8. What is "training"? People are "trained" when they learn how to do a particular thing well and can be depended on to do it.

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