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41Ot. 1O:17lt. 177 for childhood glaucoma. 6:282 cholesterolleve\s affected by. 1:150 Cartesian conoid. 3:53-54. 54f Cartesian ellipsoid. 3:53-54. 54f Cartrol. See Carteolol Caruncle. 2:22j. 30. 4:53. 8:8 Caruncular edema. in thyroid-associated orbitopathy. 7:47 Carvedilol for heart failure. I: 131 for hypertension. 1:89t 37 38 . Master Index Case-control studies, 1:345f, 347-349. 348f Case reports, 1:345-346. 345f Case series, 1:345f, 346-347 Caseating granulomas, 4: 14, 15f Caspases, in Alzheimer disease, 1:286 Caspofungin.

3: 182-183. 198-199. 198f simultaneous vision. 3: 182-183. 198-199. 199f for high accommodative convergencel accommodative esotropia. 6: I02. 103-104 intraocular. 3:226 for overcorrection of intermittent exotropia. 6: 113 spectacle decentration and. 3: 163-164. 170 design of. 3: 15>if, 155-162. 156f. 163 fused. 3: 152. 153f image displacement and. 3: 155-157. 159f image jump and. 3:157-158. 159f induced anisophoria and. 3: 158-162. 160f. 161f for magnification in low vision. 3:255-256 occupation and.

2: 118 Auditory nerve. See Cranial nerve VIII Augmentin. See Amoxicillin, with clavulanic acid Aura without headache (acephalgic migraine/migraine equivalent),5:294-295 with headache (classic migraine). 5:185. 293-294, 293f headache without (common migraine). 5:294 seizures and, 1:281 Auricular chondritis. in relapsing polychondritis. 1: 187 Auscultation. in orbital disorders. 7:25 Autism. MMR vaccine and. 1:306 Autoantibodies. 9:89-90. See also specific Iype in aqueous tear deficiency. 8:73-74 in diabetes mellitus.

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