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By Peter S. Beagle

Even lifelong friendships cannot out live death...or can they?

Award-winning writer Peter S. Beagle offers a deeply own tale of desires deserted and recovered, associates enjoyed and misplaced, and the power it takes to allow go....

Praise for Peter S. Beagle's novels:

"Peter S. Beagle has either opulence of mind's eye and mastery of style."-New York Times

"Stunning...Fantasy not often dances during the mind's eye in additional radiant clothing than this." -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Peter S. Beagle illuminates together with his personal specific magic."-Ursula okay. LeGuin

"Beagle is the category act of fable writing."-Booklist

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That," Sam said, pausing as precisely as our old hero Noel Coward would have done, "is the most inspirational tribute to the married state I've ever heard. " He dropped lightly off the swing, and we went on walking, angling back the way we had come. Neither of us spoke again until we were on the overpass, looking down at the lights plunging toward the East Bay hills. Sam said, "She's not moving in. Millamant doesn't like her that much. But I want you to meet her, next time you come to New York.

I raised my glass to the answering machine. "Jacob, I'm so sorry, I hate to be the one to tell you. Sam was found dead in his apartment last night. " It didn't mean anything. It bounced off me—it didn't mean anything. Marianne went on. "People at the magazine got worried when he didn't come in to work, didn't answer the phone for two days. " The famous anonymous voice was trembling now. "Jacob, I'm so terribly ... Jacob, I can't do this anymore, on a machine. " She left her number and hung up. I sat there.

That one's a director, and she's good. I think she's off doing Sweet Bird of Youth in China right now. All the same, for good or ill, I'm still doing what I'm fit for and living as I always wanted to live—just not quite as well as I'd imagined—and Sam wasn't. That was a wider gap by far than the continent that separated us, but we never again talked about it. Everything else, yes, on weekends, when the rates were down—everything else from politics, literature, and the general nature of the universe to shortstops and whether Oscar Aleman could really have been as good a guitarist as Django.

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