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It appeared unusual to Serena Lightfoot that at any time when she so much wanted aid, orthopaedic medical professional Mr. Ivo van Doelen continuously looked as if it would have an answer. whilst he put in her at his outdated nanny's domestic in Chelsea, Serena knew she could not remain lengthy, for she used to be at risk of wasting her middle to him. yet Ivo knew what he wanted--he easily wanted house to permit Serena to get to understand him, and a wedding among associates may supply him that point. Now all he needed to do was once convince Serena to just accept his handy proposal....

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It had been successful, and he was free to return to Holland that evening, but, leaving the hospital early that lovely summer evening, he decided against driving up to Harwich and instead picked up the car phone and dialled Dr. Bowring. Of course he was to come and spend the night-as many nights as he could spare. "We'll wait dinner for you," said Mrs. Bowring. "It's only four o'clock; you'll be with us in a couple of hours. " Once free of the London suburbs, the traffic thinned and he sent the Bentley powering ahead.

It would be good to see his friends again. He wondered idly how that girl whose father had died was getting on. She was probably married by now, to the man Mrs. Bowring didn't like. Mr. van Doelen had thought about her frequently, due, he considered, to the unusual circumstances of their meeting. He must remember to ask about her. He was warmly welcomed, and Mrs. Bowring went away to put the flowers he had brought into a vase while he and the doctor sat over a drink. They always found plenty to talk about and dinner was a leisurely meal.

To Serena, a sum of five hundred pounds has been left, and here I quote: "She is a strong and capable young woman, who is quite able to make her own way in the world without the aid of my money" , i must add that I did my best to persuade your father to reconsider this will, but he was adamant. " He went presently, after assuring them that he was at their service should he be needed, and taking Se rena aside to tell her that he would see that she had a cheque as soon as possible. " She thanked him, kissing his elderly cheek.

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