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Observations on M. Laplace’s communication to the Royal Academy of Science, “Sur l’Attraction des Sphères et sur la Répulsion des Fluides Élastiques”. Philosophical Magazine, 62, 61–66. Kitcher, P. (1993). The advancement of science. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Lakatos, I. (1970). Falsification and the methodology of scientific research programmes. In I. Lakatos & A. ), Criticism and the growth of knowledge. Cambridge University Press. Laplace, P. , & Lavoisier, A. (1780). Mémoire sur la Chaleur.

MCCOMAS 3. THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE AND THE FUTURE OF SCIENCE EDUCATION A Typology of Approaches to History of Science in Science Instruction 1. INTRODUCTION In the continuing campaign to enhance science instruction one battle we are winning relates to the inclusion of elements of the nature of science (NOS) in official recommendations designed to guide the development of the science curriculum. S. S. national science education standards (NRC, 1996) (which does not have the force of law but is regularly consulted in planning science instruction by the individual states) and many other nations now include explicit requirements to include the nature of science in plans for science learning.

Generally, Laplace said, the repulsive action between the quantities of caloric retained by the two molecules m and mƍ is Hij(f), while the attractive action between the caloric atmosphere of m and molecule mƍ is Nij(f). The y-component of the total action between the two molecules will then be (Hc2 – Nc) ij(f) [(R+r)/f] where (R+r)/f is cos(a). Laplace was then able to calculate the repulsive action of the whole gas situated under the plane A on the molecule m and, moreover, the whole action of the gas above plane A on the superior surface of the cylinder.

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