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By H. E. Bates

Teetotal!' Ma acknowledged. 'It's a libel. He'll by no means stay it down. He'll by no means have the capacity to carry his head up back. no matter what will humans imagine? What's he going to assert whilst anyone asks him to have one?' ' 'No,' 'said Dr Conner. 'You'll need to strap him down,' Ma acknowledged. 'You'll need to positioned on.' And so after a delicate heart-attack - as a result of relatively an excessive amount of of what you fancy - Pop Larkin reveals himself off the booze, off the nice nutrients and stale the great existence commonly, a lot to his personal and everyone's else's horror and disappointed. And whereas Ma attempts to discover methods round 'doctor's orders', younger Primrose is discovering her personal means around a slightly flustered - to not say flushed - Mr Candy...

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You should be a better bet, you're honest. (He fishes in the helmet:) Why are you giving that slip such a funny look? You've drawn a blank for sure. It can't be there's a cross on it. It can't be I'm going to lose you. (She takes the slip. ) A cross? Him tOQ! Could it be 'cause he's so simple? Oh, Swiss Cheese, you'll be a goner too, if you aren't honest, honest, honest the whole time, the way l always brought you up to be, the way you always bring me all the change when you buy me a loaf. It's the only way you can save yourself.

Let Eilif try it on with someone else! (She takes money from the purse at her belt. ) Give him this. It's a sin. He's speculating in mother love, he ought to be ashamed of himself. COOK : Not for long. He has to go with his regiment now -to his death maybe. Send some more money, or you'll be sorry. You women are hard-and sorry afterward. A glass of brandy wouldn't cost very much, but you refuse to provide it, and six feet under goes your man and you can't dig him up again. CHAPLAIN : All very touching, my dear cook, but to fall in this war is not a misfortune, it's a blessing.

The shepherd of our flock here just looks on, he only preaches, he hasn't a clue . how anything gets done. So now, Eilif, my son, give us the details : tell us how you fixed the peasants and grabbed the twenty bullocks. And let's hope they'll soon be here. EILIF : IIi one day's time. Two at the most. MOTHER COURAGE : Now that's considerate of Eilif-to bring the oxen tomorrow--otherwise my capon wouldn't have been so welcome today. EILIF : Well, it was like this. I found out that the peas ants had hidden their oxen and--on the sly and chiefly at night-had driven them into a certain wood.

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