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By Karen Templeton

Winnie Porter simply could not disregard the kid she'd given up for adoption all these years ago…or the fantastic relations that had taken him in. Now it was once ultimately time to determine her son one final time.Still reeling from his wife's premature dying, the very last thing Aidan Black had to care for was once the unwed mom who introduced his liked Robbie into the realm. particularly whilst she was once all grown up right into a attractive, vivacious younger lady who'd instantly drawn his boy into her spell—not to say Aidan himself. might Winnie's mystery shatter Aidan's family—or make it complete back?

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The damn fruit was burning a hole in her stomach. Please don’t say anything more about being adopted, she prayed. Please. ” Robbie finished his banana, then ripped the wrapping off the granola bar. “Chocolate chips! ” “You didn’t strike me as a raisin kind of kid,” Winnie said, laughing when he made a face. Annabelle sat in front of them, polite but doleful. ” Robbie asked. “She’d be cool with it, but chocolate isn’t good for dogs. ” The child gnawed off the end of his bar, frowning. ” Winnie held her breath.

Winnie, Thea. ” “Considering they came from your chickens, I assume so. ” “Brother. ” “No argument there,” Aidan muttered, his gaze drifting 44 A MOTHER’S WISH outside as he sipped his coffee. He appeared to be looking at Annabelle, who was looking back. Winnie waved and the dog barked, although you couldn’t really hear it through the glass. Then Aidan said, “Even so, I’m sorry I came down s’hard on you,” and her gaze swung back to his. But only for a moment. “You had cause,” she said, lowering her eyes to spread her napkin on her lap, then upending the sugar dispenser over her coffee, watching the stream of white crystals disappear into the lake of dark, steaming liquid.

Now she shrugged. “My name’s not Cinderella, big shot, I don’ have to explain my comings an’ goings to you. ” Then, because she was Flo, she grabbed a sponge and started to wipe down already sanitized counters. ” Aidan said with exaggerated patience. “She’s got cojones,” she said at last, bony shoulders bumping. ” he said again. Crimson lips pursed. “I think she knows nothing’s gonna change, no matter what. But I also think she felt she had to do this, you know? ” When Flo didn’t reply, he said, “Jaysus, Flo, the woman’s already changed her mind twice about what she wants, once when Robson was still a baby, the second time barely two hours ago.

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