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The Soul and Its Instrumental Body: A Reinterpretation of Aristotle's Philosophy of Living Nature

For greater than 1800 years it's been intended that Aristotle considered the soul because the entelechy of the obvious physique that's "equipped with organs". This publication argues that during very fact he observed the soul because the entelechy of a typical physique "that serves as its instrument". This correction places paid to W. Jaeger's speculation of a three-phase improvement in Aristotle.

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This, it will be recalled, was also the opinion of the present author. For a discussion of this important question cf. p. 15ff. 2 The question of power is likewise not discussed in his more recent short despite a careful study of the nature of 'Andersheit' (cf. BIBLIOGRAPHY), analysis of a number of related concepts such as infinity, and the 'indefinite dyad'. Beierwaltes 1965, p. 97. This passage paraphrases Proclus' remark (Th. PI. 135) 4 68

Cit. p. 131. En this important passage, the writer paraphrases and quotes several passages from Proclus' works including (i) (El. Th. 62. 16-17)d v r h a k r o v Ev iuur4j 7rl, a l r ~ u ~ hXvP O E U TE,&TCO: ]~, 8v 60 61 CAUSATION THE CIRCULAR MOTION OF POWER he paraphrases several of Proclus' own remarks about power, but fails to probe beneath the surface, and discuss the really crucial issue. We must discover, for example, in what way the terminology should not be viewed as involving any inconsistency, for we have already seen how Proclus' concept of existence is fundamentally dynamic, and so it would be very easy for him to shift from one way of speaking of the process to the other.

I believe that any other conclusion could only result from ignoring the meanings of Proclus' own technical terminology. However, we must now return to our main discussion of the cycle of transformation. In the first part of this section, we spoke of the continuum of transformation between incomplete and complete power and vice versa. ~ The nature of completeness should be fairly obvious from what we have already seen concerning the process of transfonnation, for we know that complete power reaches its maximum at two points in the cycle, namely at the beginning of the procession and a t the end of the reversion.

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