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They seem to be unaware that there is a wealth that can be drawn from the Greek Fathers. A knowledge of this would enable them to bring together the transcendence and the immanence of the Christian God in a better way than they have done. Page 20 Nature and the Supernatural Before we can see the nature of God's uncreated energies in interaction with us human beings, we must first see how the Greek Fathers conceived man's nature. In a word, I would like to sketch their theological anthropology as they theologized about man's nature from Holy Scripture.

It is thus through God's action of His loving us (and this we call grace in its most primary meaning according to the Greek Fathers) and in and through His life in us by our loving in return that we come to union with Love Himself. This is God in His loving, uncreated energies, as we will explain; it is the whole Trinitarian love in active, creative relationships with man. In this oneness of Love, we are united with every other human being created and loved by God. The nature of God is such that, while being one, it demands a plurality as objects of His love, of His giving.

It is not to any formal criterion, defined by Aristotle, that one owes the knowledge that God is unknowable, but through a religious experience, which may be in part due to a true understanding of beings, but which equally constitutes a revelation of the living God. 27 The existential ways in which one may "know" God are the keeping of His commandments and above all prayer. "Prayer offers (this union) . . "28 3. Such knowledge, therefore, is not based on a split between the senses and the intellect, as in a Platonic view, but rather between the created and the uncreated.

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