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By Mark Y.D. Wang

In June 1998, U.S. vp Al Gore and the nationwide Partnership for Reinventing govt awarded a group of U.S. military logisticians and RAND analysts the Hammer Award in reputation of a superb accomplishment: streamlining military logistics. for many years, the functionality of military logistics fell steadily in the back of most sensible advertisement practices. military mechanics may wait on regular a month for spare elements from far-off provide depots that allows you to fix a down weapon process. this day a high-velocity, streamlined military provide procedure provides spare elements in part the time it took to bring them simply three years past. in reality, nowadays it acutally takes much less time to get a spare half from a military provide depot than from a advertisement seller.

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The difficulty with trying to expand CFE to address more localized spats is that, as mentioned earlier in the Bosnia discussion, the CFE Treaty is a pact among status quo parties that is unlikely to appeal to, or be sufficient to resolve disputes between, anti-status quo actors. So what helpful steps might the CFE states consider? They might sponsor a Dayton-like process to help the belligerents reach a settlement. If the CFE parties do so, the new process should be expanded beyond Dayton’s arms control measures to ensure that the weapons that are militarily significant in the fighting are identified and regulated by the accords.

Temporary deployments under consideration in Vienna would establish some basis for exceeding territorial ceilings: perhaps to participate Page 6 in exercises or a crisis management activity sponsored by some international body like the United Nations or the OSCE. Unfortunately, the proposed new ceilings will probably not produce the same force ratio equilibrium for neighbor states that the old, bloc-to-bloc calculus did for NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The quality of stability will therefore be different.

C. org Page ia THE CHANGING QUALITY OF STABILITY IN EUROPE The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty Toward 2001 John E. Peters National Defense Research Institute Prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense Approved for public release; distribution unlimited Page ii This page intentionally left blank Page iii PREFACE The Office of the Secretary of Defense's (OSD's) Office of Non-Nuclear Arms Control asked RAND to advise that office regarding its role with the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty and the CFE adaptation talks.

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