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This ebook covers the political, diplomatic, and armed forces historical past of the Aegean Greeks of the fourth century BC, elevating new questions and delving into previous disputes and controversies. It contains their strength struggles, the Persian involvement of their affairs, and the final word Macedonian conquer Greece. It offers with the political proposal of federalism and its kin to the correct of the polis. the quantity concludes with the triumph of Macedonian monarchy over the polis.

In facing the good public problems with fourth-century Greece, the method of them features a mix of resources. the standard literary and archaeological details kinds the fundamental starting place for the topographical exam of each significant web site pointed out within the textual content. Numismatic proof likewise reveals its position right here.

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4; Diod. 2. M. Sordi, Avenum 65 (1991–2) 289–297; H. Beck, ZPE 124 (1999) 53–62.    21 disrupted the city, and the Spartans sent Herippidas and a force to restore order. That he did with draconian efficiency by executing those whom he considered trouble-makers. He next dealt with neighboring Oite, located to the south, whose inhabitants had revolted. The Spartans could not tolerate any disruption of this all-weather route across central Greece. Herippidas overwhelmed the Oitians, and expelled them from their land.

C. (Paris 1996) 93–96; idem, Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta, 151–186. 15 It is instructive that Agesilaos would later go to great lengths to refuse personal gifts. 26   acted the part. His enemies accused him of overweening pride and harsh arrogance. Far more ominous to his Spartan enemies, however, was his alleged attempt to translate his victories in the eastern Aegean into his private principality. History records only isolated examples. At Miletos he deceitfully contrived the slaughter of some 800 democratic leaders.

5. V. Manfredi, Senafonte Anabasi (Milan 1980) 51–53; La Strada dei Diecimila (Milan 1986) 23–25; Lendle, Anabasis, 7–10. 32   3. F. Treharne and H. Fullard, Muir’s Historical Atlas (New York: Barnes and Noble 1963), by courtesy of Barnes and Noble.    33 eastwards to the major cities of the Propontis, and thence southwards along the entire Anatolian coast. All of the major cities of Ionia, Lydia, and Karia stood under Spartan control. The major ones in the east included Selymbria, Byzantion, and Chalkedon, all of which guarded access to the Euxine Sea.

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