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By B.T. Kang, A.N. Atta-Krah, L. Reynolds

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Since 1800 the indisputable evidence shows that the majority of the earth’s population is better fed, better sheltered, protected from disease, richer and lives longer. The optimistic view prevails and affects how agriculture is practiced in developed and developing nations. This chapter uses weed science and herbicides, a major part of western agricultural technology, as a window through which one can view the future of agriculture and its technology. My hope, my plea is that as the future comes into view, it will encourage thought about whether the optimists or pessimists R.

It is a discussion of attitudes toward data and conclusions drawn. Indeed, part of the basic premise of this essay is that arguments are not just about data. Arguments are often about subjective interpretations of data and these should not always be dismissed because they lack objectivity. Subjectivity appears on both sides of the issue. The essay claims that the basis of many arguments is a difference in attitudes and thinking, what can be called the mind set of agriculture and agriculturalists.

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