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By T. Henriksen

America and Rogue States narrates and analyzes the USA dating with the most nuclear-threatening, terrorist-sponsoring outcast states over the past decades.

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Soon after, it permitted US corporations to sell war-related products to Iraq, such as helicopters, computers, scientific instruments, special alloy steel, and other industrial goods. Next, Washington allowed Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia to transfer US-manufactured arms, such as howitzers, helicopters, and munitions, to Iraq. The Reagan administration dispatched once and future defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld as special envoy for the Middle East to meet with Saddam Hussein to reassure him of limited US backing.

Years later, Moscow grew apprehensive of the DPRK’s nuclear ambition and acted somewhat to restrain it. North Korea, Iraq, Iran, and other adversarial nations also traded with major powers. They sought armaments, weapons and missile technology, oil-extracting know-how, and even commercial loans to finance development projects. Companies in Russia, China, and European countries, like France or Germany, looked to sell sophisticated components and equipment to customers flush with cash. Some of the exported items were considered dual-use, either for legitimate civilian application or secret military projects.

Hussein hooked his regime’s star to the Palestinian cause against Israel in early 1990. By flamboyantly championing the Palestinians, the Iraqi dictator solidified his domestic hold on power and claimed the limelight in the Arab Middle East. Moderate Arab governments denounced Israel but also prized stability in the region. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia grew concerned with boisterous anti-Israeli street demonstrations, lest they pose an internal threat to their own governance. Saddam Hussein gloried in the adulation from the streets in Cairo or Amman that his bellicose utterances stirred.

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