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By Margo Thompson

Because the early Nineteen Seventies graffiti writers have lined subway automobiles with great and complicated tags. This resolutely rebellious type of expression is the following analysed via Margo Thompson, who locations graffiti artists in relation with modern gallery paintings. simply as graffiti writers lent a voice to an ethnic minority, the writer, due to her unique strategy, serves as ambassador for this usually misunderstood paintings shape.

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Elsewhere, DONDI appealed to the general public with day. 41 end of the car declared, ‘We did it again’. crisply rendered in big block letters and the title evoked the desperation of young men’s lives in the city. DONDI It also expressed the way writers felt disadvantaged, said deliberately chose among the styles he had mastered when he DOZE: ‘Graff [writing] is my ghetto defense. It’s my weapon designed his pieces, which proves his fluency as a writer and against my sense of helplessness. It’s a code that is for us, for suggests his awareness of two distinct audiences.

23 language. Historian Joe Austin, in his book on the efforts of New York City authorities to eradicate subway writing, Writing challenged those who chanced across it to think observed that by writing on public walls and subway cars, differently about their lives in the city, to consider the possibility writers claimed public space and thereby gained access to that the subway could be beautiful and colourful, for example, the public sphere, the realm of political discourse from which rather than grimy and harsh.

Destroyed. SEEN, Untitled, 1981. Aerosol paint on New York subway car. Destroyed. qxp 5/14/2009 3:35 PM Page 42 American Graffiti circulated through the news media and justified official efforts to nearly illegible wild-style calculated to impress other writers. scrub graffiti from the MTA. 36 A short while after I started painting on the trains, I Individual writers recapitulated this evolution in their careers: realized I was doing it for myself and for the masses of the writing community expected them to understand the styles people who rode the trains.

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