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Gauge conception is now famous as essentially the most innovative discoveries in physics because the improvement of quantum mechanics. This primer explains how and why gauge concept has dramatically replaced our view of the elemental forces of nature. The textual content is designed for the non-specialist. a brand new, intuitive process is used to make the tips of gauge idea obtainable to either scientists and scholars with just a historical past in quantum mechanics. Emphasis is put on the physics instead of the formalism.

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5 SU(3) Group INDEX CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION . . the best reason for believing in a renormalizable gauge theory of the weak and electromagnetic interactions is that it fits our preconceptions of what a fundamental field theory should be like. S. Weinberg, 19741 Modern gauge theory has emerged as one of the most significant and far-reaching developments of physics in this century. It has allowed us for the first time to realize at least a part of the age old dream of unifying the fundamental forces of nature.

Gauge theory is based on an “internal” symmetry. Therefore, one cannot speak of angular momentum operators, but must replace them with the more abstract concept of group generators. This is more than a mere change of labels because the generators have mathematical properties which were previously ignored in quantum mechanics but are very useful in gauge theory. In particular, we will see that the proper understanding of gauge invariance leads naturally to a geometrical description of gauge theory that is both highly intuitive and strongly resembles the familiar geometrical picture of general relativity.

This novel idea that the isotopic spin connection, and therefore the potential, acts like the SU(2) symmetry group is the most important result of the Yang-Mills theory. This concept lies at the heart of local gauge theory, It shows explicitly how the gauge symmetry group is built into the dynamics of the interaction between particles and field. How is it possible for a potential to generate a rotation in an internal symmetry space? To answer this question, we first must define the Yang-Mills potential more carefully in the language of the rotation group.

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