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Drip Irrigation method is now a longtime approach to irrigation in water scarce parts however it is additionally gaining significance in water considerable components. during this expertise, the cropped box is irrigated within the shut region of root area of crop. It reduces water loss happening via evaporation, conveyance and distribution. for that reason excessive water use potency should be accomplished.

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The centrifugal filters effectively remove large quantity of sand particles. They are placed often at the upstream of media or screen filters. Screen Filter: Screen filters are fitted just after the pumping unit and no other filter is required if source of water is ground water. The casing is built of metal or plastic material. It has four apertures: water inlet, outlet, draining valve and cover. It consists of a screen made of metal, plastic, or synthetic cloth enclosed in a special house used to limit COMPONENTS OF DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS Fig.

It reacts as a detoxifying agent. Magnesium (Mg): The ionic form of magnesium element absorbed by the plants is Mg++. Magnesium is the major element in chlorophyll structure, which is responsible for photosynthesis process. It takes part COMPONENTS OF DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEMS 39 in activating some enzymes that are involved in carbohydrates synthesis. It enhances the uptake and translocation of phosphate. Sulfur (S): The ionic form of this element absorbed by the plant is SO4—. Sulfur is a components in the structure of some amino acids such as cystine, cysteine and is active in protein structure.

Fertigation Fertigation means to apply fertilizers with the irrigation water. Chemical fertilizers are applied whenever needed by the crop in the appropriate form and quantity. The promotion of efficient, and effective water and fertilizer use is identified as an important contribution to the strategy needed to address problems of water scarcity and practicing intensive agriculture. Improving the water and consequently fertilizer use efficiency at farmers level, is the major contributor to increase food production and reverse the degradation of the environment or avoid irreversible environmental damage and allow for sustainable irrigated agriculture.

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