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3. Fragment of a statuette of an old woman. Marble. Sabratha, Favisse del Capitolium. 60 chapter two Fig. 4. Statue of an old fisherman. Marble. Rome, Vatican Museum, Galleria dei Candelabri. terminal histories and arthurian solutions Fig. 5. Statue of an old fisherman. Basalt. Paris, Musée du Louvre. 31 60 chapter two Fig. 6. Statue of an old shepherdess. Marble. Rome, Museo dei Conservatori.

The population of Alexandria As usual, the origins of the metropolitan population are obsure. In Fraser’s lyrical phrasing, ‘It is an unfortunate fact that (. ) over the 49 50 51 52 53 54 For speculations on the latter’s population, see Downey 1961, 81–2. Downey 1961, 79; Will 2000, 486. Downey 1961, 79–80. Downey 1941. 122. On Antioch as a political center, see Sartre 2000. 56 The citizenry was organised in tribes, phratries and demes. 58 A scatter of ethnic designations reveals the usual suspects: Athens, Samos, Cyrene, Rhodes.

11 As a result, the metropolitan growth curve forms a highly distorted S, with no initial slow growth but a dramatic surge followed by a long plateau (Figure 6). 11 Edo. Hanley 1987, 3–4. See also Rozman 1973, 296 for a total of 1 million for creating a metropolis 11 1000000 800000 600000 400000 200000 15 20 15 40 15 60 15 80 16 00 16 20 16 40 16 60 16 80 17 00 17 20 17 40 17 60 17 80 18 00 0 Figure 7. The growth of early modern London. Source: Wrigley (1987) 162. In order to put this pattern into perspective, we may once again draw on the example of early modern London as the prime example of continuous growth (Figure 7).

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