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"If Singletree’s in simple terms florist didn’t bring her posies half-drunk, i'd nonetheless be married to that floor-licking, scum-sucking, receptionist-nailing hack-accountant, Mike Terwilliger." Lacey Terwilliger’s surprise and humiliation over her husband’s philandering suggested her so as to add a few bonus fabric to Mike’s corporation publication: attractive Technicolor descriptions of the specified model of "administrative aid" his receptionist provides him. The designated mass electronic mail to Mike’s kinfolk, acquaintances, and consumers blows up in her face, and prior to you can say "instant city legend," Lacey has develop into the pariah of her small Kentucky city, a media punch line, and the defendant in Mike’s defamation lawsuit. Her likely excellent lifestyles up in flames, Lacey retreats to her family’s lakeside cabin, in basic terms to come across an annoying neighbor named Monroe. A hunky crime novelist with a low tolerance for drama, Monroe isn't extremely joyful a couple of newly divorced girl relocating in round the corner. yet with time, beer, and a monitor door to the nostril, a wary friendship develops into anything infinitely extra fulfilling. Lacey has to come to a decision approximately her long term dwelling preparations, although. should still she take a role writing caustic divorce newsletters for paying consumers, or stream on along with her personal existence, pursuing extra literary aspirations? Can she locate happiness with a guy who tells her what he thinks and never what she desires to pay attention? and should she ever have the ability to withstand announcing one . . . final . . . factor?

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