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By Sandra Brown

Betrayal had ruined Banner Coleman's marriage ceremony day and on her marriage ceremony evening she was once a jilted bride. Now outdated seeds of greed and hope are harvesting a scandal - and Banner's affair with an previous kinfolk buddy might shatter a friendship and a kin.

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Jake had always felt sorry for her. "I could make you feel good tonight, Jake," she said hopefully. For her sake, he was almost tempted to take her upstairs. Instead he shook his head no. "But you can fetch my hat and saddlebag for me. " He fished in his pocket for his claim check and she rushed off. When she came back, he tipped her fifty cents, much more than her errand, which he could just as easily have done for himself, was worth. " She gazed at him with open invitation. Should he be benevolent to her, kind to his starved body?

Is that why Grady had dared to touch her in one of those forbidden places she and her girlfriends whispered about? Was she bad to want to be touched? Was Grady bad because he wanted to touch her? If it were hard on her to resist, what must it be like for poor Grady, who was a man and therefore whose physical urges were harder to control? She had gone to bed and tried to sleep, her mind as disquieted with questions as her body was with the desire to experience the unknown. Well, she didn't have much longer to wait, she thought as she watched her bridesmaids file down the central aisle of the church as had been rehearsed the day before.

It was underlined by a jabbing thrust of the pistol toward the altar. Not only Jake but the River Bend hands attending the wedding had all drawn guns. They were trained on the man in the window. Frightened women leaned forward to bury their heads in their laps, covering them with their arms. Men were hunched down between the pews shielding their children from a threat that hadn't yet been determined or identified. "Drop all them guns," the man shouted maniacally. " Jake said. " At the first sound of gunfire, Ross had reflexively ducked and reached for his Colt, only to find it wasn't there.

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