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Оформление интерьера в стиле арт-нуво.

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Touching and Imagining: An Introduction to Tactile Art

Jan Svankmajer wrote this striking ebook on tactile artwork while he stopped directing motion pictures and experimented intensively with tactile artwork after repeated censorship by means of the communist governmnent of Czechoslovakia. Illustrated with over a hundred imges, this publication is organised round many reproductions of Svanmajker's wondrous tactile artwork items, tactile poems, experiments and video games.

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Housed within the Hermitage Museum besides different institutes, libraries, and museums in Russia and the republics of the previous Soviet Union are essentially the most terrific treasures of Persian artwork. For the main half, lots of those works were misplaced, yet were catalogued and released right here for the 1st time with an unsurpassed collection of color plates.

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