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By Maureen Child

Twins? The startling revelation that his affair with Jenna Baker had produced little boys was once nearly very unlikely to understand. mogul Nick Falco had by no means thought of himself the settling-down style, but now that fatherhood were thrust upon him, he was firm to offer his sons his identify. yet their mom wasn't approximately to allow him again into her life…at least no longer with out these 3 little phrases Nick had by no means, ever acknowledged.

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The fact that she could actually feel his gaze on her butt while she did it only annoyed her. She would not pay any attention to the rush of heat she felt just being close to him again. She would certainly not acknowledge the jump and stutter of her heartbeat, and if certain other of her body parts were warm and tingling, she wasn’t going to admit to that, either. Dragging the suitcase out, she went to lift it, but Nick was there first, pushing her fingers aside to hoist the bag onto the bed. If her skin was humming from that one idle touch, he didn’t have to know it, did he?

The children he’d created and had never met. The only reason she was here, visiting a man who’d shattered her heart without a backward glance. When he was finished, his gaze lifted to hers and she could have sworn she saw icicles in his eyes. ” “Take another look at them, Nick. ” He did, but his features remained twisted into a cynical expression even while his eyes flashed with banked emotion. ” She reached out, flipped to a specific page and pointed. “Both of your sons do. ” He ran one finger over the picture of the boys as if he could somehow touch them with the motion, and that MAUREEN CHILD 33 small action touched something in Jenna.

I was with you. ” His pale blue eyes sparkled and his grin widened MAUREEN CHILD 61 enough that the dimple in his left cheek was a deep cleft. ” She tried to pull her hand free of the crook of his arm, but he held her tight. Frowning, she said, “No. Not jealous. ” “By her? ” She tipped her head back to look up at him. ” He looked genuinely surprised at the suggestion. ” Jenna snorted indelicately. ” It always had, she thought. When she first went to work for Falcon Cruise Lines, she’d heard all the stories.

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