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By Marie Ferrarella

An individual was once murdering the city's elite, and somebody may be subsequent. Assigned to the case used to be Detective Kyle O'Brien, whose new accomplice used to be the blonde, blue-eyed Jaren Rosetti, as sunny as Kyle was once darkish. let alone too impossible to resist for her personal solid. yet their transforming into charm needed to be driven apart because the awful killer swept throughout the city panorama. Kyle knew he used to be falling challenging for his obstinate accomplice, who had a will of her personal. whereas they deciphered the psychopath's code, the killer ready to strike again--this time dangerously with regards to domestic.

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Her involvement with the police department, other than through her sibling, cousins and uncles, was by being the official vet for the K-9 unit. Which was how she’d met her husband. She was also Mike’s daughter and thus Kyle’s half sister, a connection she more than readily embraced. As she came toward them now, there was the same mixture of pleasure and surprise evident in her face that her uncle had displayed. She brushed her lips against Kyle’s cheek, catching him off guard. “I didn’t think you were going to make it,” she confessed.

Lengthening her stride to keep up, Jaren slanted a glance at her partner. It was impossible to gauge the conversation just by looking at his face. The man had to be one hell of a poker player, she surmised. She stopped next to the passenger side of the car. “No, we’re not that far away. Right. ” she asked the second he ended the conversation. She had to wait until he closed his phone and slipped it back into his pocket.

Rose gave an indifferent shrug. “I guess it’s lucky for me, then, that I found you,” she quipped. “Very lucky,” he agreed. The wink he gave her separated them from the rest of the room, creating their own little haven. Wow, Jaren thought as she quietly stepped back to give the chief and his wife a private moment. After all these years, the two were still very much in love. Maybe if her mother had felt that way about her Marie Ferrarella 57 father, he might have still been around rather than seeking to decimate his liver a lethal ounce at a time.

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