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By David Colum Reisman

This quantity comprises the court cases of the 1st assembly of the Avicenna research workforce. all the papers provides the newest study conclusions in its respective subject. those conclusions contain new insights into Avicenna's revision of Aristotle and Plotinus, particular components of his theories of psychology and metaphysics, his highbrow interplay with the theologians of his interval, the ancient and social context during which Avicenna labored, the reception of his notion between Syriac-writing authors, between later Ishraqi philosophers, and in Shi'ite peripatetic philosophy. those insights diversity from new interpretations of his extant corpus, to driving theories at the elements contributing to his philosophical recommendations. in lots of instances, those papers current hitherto unexamined textual facts that are supposed to give a contribution drastically to a brand new method in Avicenna reports, and Arabic-Islamic philosophy usually.

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10). M. J. Brill, 1964), 121–124. REISMAN_f3_25-47 3/18/03 11:13 AM Page 29    ’ METAPHYSICS 29 the Metaphysics, Us†à∆’s appears to be the only one in which huwìya is employed as a rendering of ˆn. R. Badawì in 1947,9 and in his “Letter to the Vizier Abù Sa'd” recently edited by Y. 10 Very likely he had in mind, if not at hand, Us†à∆’s translation also when he wrote the Ilàhìyàt. The second point I wish to stress is the following. 11 9 Arabic text in Aris†ù 'inda l-'arab, ed.

For suppose not-C (AaC) → Impossible (AaC) → N(AoC) 3. Suppose C(BaC) to obtain at some time (for this is false, but not impossible) → (BaC) 4. Therefore, N(AoC) (BaC) → N(AoB) 5. N(AoB) → not (AaB) 6. 35 However, earlier (31b37) he established by means of terms that the conclusion of this mixed third figure syllogism is (AoB). 36 Accepting N(AoB), 33 AP, 34a34. Throughout this passage, Aristotle uses dunatÒw (potential) rather than §ndecom°now or §nd°xesyai. If we read potentiality as “that which stops short of necessity” such as the graying of every man, then it is a kind of contingency, and the proof is problematic.

28 See R. Patterson, “The Case of the Two Barbaras,” Oxford Studies in Ancient REISMAN_f2_1-24 3/6/03 7:53 PM Page 11 ’      11 (AaB) N(BaC) → N(AaC) He argues by ad impossibile; let us assume that the conclusion is true. Then, take the second premise along with the conclusion in a syllogism, N(AaC) N(BaC) The second premise converts to N(CiB). This, along with N(AaC), yields N(AiB). However, we assumed in the original premise that (AaB). The latter is an assertoric premise and carries no necessity along with it.

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