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By A. Allan Schmid

A set of 4 essays and responses at the issues of: (1) Managerial determination making; (2) Investment-Disinvestment idea; (3) Agricultural coverage (domestic and international); and (4) method and valuational tactics.

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Open-ended questions (Johnson et al. 1961, 192), such as: 17. Could you please tell me how you made up your mind about what or how much of each product to produce this year? played a less central role in the analysis of the IMS. They were important, however, in helping identify issues such as problem definition that were not considered in the initial design of the study. Contemporary behavioral decision theorists continue to use these two approaches to the study of decision processes, but they place greater emphasis on less structured methods for gathering data on decision processes (Todd and Benbasat 1987).

Alternatives and their associated outcomes are assumed to be known completely, and decision makers are assumed to maximize known utility functions. Under these conditions, optimization methods are the logical and appropriate basis for decision making. The rational decision model becomes more complex as these assumptions about knowledge of alternatives, outcomes, and preferences are relaxed. The economics literature on decision making under uncertainty provides ample evidence of that complexity.

Samuels. Both of these papers deal with disciplinary concerns of long standing importance in my life's research and teaching. Both papers also note many of the disciplinary and methodological issues I have found to be important in doing practical work pertaining to both private and public decisions and choices. Reflecting back on the work I have done, I desire to stress here the synergism I have experienced between my disciplinary interests and my practical work on such multidisciplinary subject matters (SMs) as farm and agribusiness management; the development and growth of societies; such policy concerns as those involving technology, resources, and the environment; and human and institutional development.

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