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By Darrell Ezell

The US's once-enthusiastic dedication to revive reliable relatives with the Muslim international has diminished significantly considering Obama's 2009 Cairo speech. This e-book tackles Washington's lagging engagement with the Muslim global and gives a roadmap for a way the USA can use public international relations to re-engage it.

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S. support for the creation of Israel in 1948. S. 19 The second argument implies that America’s support for the Jewish state is underpinned by a moral rationale. This position is taken, for example, by conservative academics like Bernard Lewis who declare that US-Israeli bilateral relations must be located in a moral context, denoting the current resurgence of political Islam as a piercing threat to Israel and the United States and the West’s Judeo-Christian values. The controversial Mearsheimer and Walt study argues that America’s moral support for Israel rests on several contentious arguments.

Zaharna writes: The focus on getting [the State Department’s] message out [was] a one-way communication approach that requires very little participation from the audience beyond the Arab and Muslim public 30 Beyond Cairo accepting the American message. Nothing in the Arab or Islamic world suggests that this public subscribes to a one-way, transmission model of communication. The culture and society are built around relationships. 42 By relying primarily on traditional state-centric approaches, US state actors were more keen after 9/11 to discount the role of religion and socioreligious inf luences in Islamic society.

S. ” Misinterpreting this significant clause contributes to creating a US government culture apprehensive toward engaging religious issues. The second obstacle is linked to the US government’s contemporary framework for “approaching” religious issues, which has often led to frequent misreading. For example, this narrow vision after 9/11 translated itself into a tone, thereby declaring the violent aspects associated with the religion of Islam as the problem, consequently creating an insular US Department of State culture skeptical of both US-Muslim relations and direct engagement with global Islamic communities.

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