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By Winslow S. Caughey

Biochemical and medical facets of Hemoglobin Abnormalities

summary: Biochemical and scientific features of Hemoglobin Abnormalities

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A PX* Effect will make the iron a less effective electron donor, whereas a PX~ Effect will enhance the electron availability at iron. The environment immediately surrounding the bound ligand can also affect the ligand to iron bonding. The environment may consist of amino acid residues, primarily, but the protein structure may also permit the external aqueous medium at least partial access to the ligand. , dielectric constant) of the medium (a Dm Effect), and from steric interference with ligand binding through repulsive interactions or "pushing" from amino acid residues or, possibly, from solvent (a Ds Effect).

00 1990 1950 WAVENUMBER (cm"1) 1910 FIGURE 4. (A) Infrared difference spectrum of HbZH carbonyl minus HbA carbonyl plotted with three computer generated Lorentzian curves. The cumulative subtraction of the Lorentzian curves from the observed spectral trace yielded a nearly flat baseline. 045, respectively. ) band represents only about 2% of the total absorption. , only 14% of the subunits are ßZH) r the presence of the βΖΗ CO bands are less clearly seen (Figure 5, upper spectrum): use of the Hb(ZH+A) minus HbA difference spectrum (Figure 5, lower spectrum) makes the abnormal bands more apparent and demonstrates the utility of the IR-C0 method for the identification of abnormal Winslow S.

Caughey et al. 46 100 200 TIME, MIN 600 FIGURE 7. Semi logarithmic plots for the decrease in carbonyl hemoglobin concentration vs time during the oxidation of iron(II) carbonyl to metHb by ferricyanide for different human hemoglobins. 0 mM. Temperature, 23°C. cell damage (24). , reaction of Hb02 with chloride or azide to give metHb and Superoxide) proceed much faster at the 3 Z H than at a Z H , a A or 3 A ; typically HbZH O2 reacts about twice as fast as HbA O2 with azide and five to eight times faster with hydroquinone (24) .

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