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The European type of man is solely attuned to this running dry of the brain and therefore he is not able to grasp the fullness of reality anymore. “What I don’t clearly and distinctly recognize, is not” says Descartes, and this shapes the fundamental principle of European rationalism. But especially the deepest things are those which we are not able to clearly and distinctly recognize. And even if we could, still nothing would be done for the magical side of our being, since “recognising” in the rationalistic sense is always a fake and shallow understanding of the actuality, and is consequently more dissolving of the contact with forces of the deep than creating it.

We already indicated that the type of the “magical man” does definitely not signify something “ill” in the common sense, despite displaying a lot of symptoms which we call “pathological” in our world sphere. In his sphere the magician operates indeed as “healthy” and shows the essential attributes of the “healthy,” that is to say courage, self-confidence, ability to cope with life, etc. Likewise there appears what we call “imagination” completely as reality in their associated world and our “realities” appear there simply as obtuse imbecilities quite frequently.

Kabbalah” means (as is was said) “tradition” or “hearsay,” that is to say a system of thought which was not given directly in the Old Testament, but existed alongside it as oral tradition. D. It crossed Spain and entered Europe at the beginning of the second millennium. Two different things about the Kabbalah have to be distinguished: First, its mystical philosophy about religion; and second, the methods by which it tried to harmonise this philosophy with the Old Testament. The doctrine of the Kabbalah was a true 48 secret science, that is to say its knowledge was in the hands of a few rabbis and was only passed on by way of personal schooling to a carefully selected younger generation.

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