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By James Gould Cozzens

In the course of forty-nine hours within the lifetime of Arthur Winner, the top attorney in a small Pennsylvania city within the 1950's, by way of Love Possessed portrays the entire myriad facets of affection. Over the 1st days, Cozzens masterfully lays out this community's many interlinked relationships. there's the affection among father or mother and baby, brother and sister; there's the cohesion one of the legislations companions in Winner's company; and there's love in marriage and outdoors. all through, Arthur Winner is the guy of the instant, however the revelations of the novel's ultimate hour strength him to confront the deeper that means of his international and of himself.

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When his mother got up, Arthur Winner, too, got up. Left alone, he remained standing, thoughtful in a pose of habit. He held his tall, big-limbed body, whose suit of tan linen was rather wrinkled by the hot day's wearing, erect. composed face lifted a little; strong-boned chin raised, as though he scanned, scrutinous and unhurried, the middle distance; big beaked nose up, as though to scent the air. On the air hung, in fact, a faint spiciness, a barely apparent fragrance of potpourri given off by a Canton jar on a coffee table in front of the couch.

Mrs Morton fixed her up to see the judge. ' Hearing them mount the steps, Edna Keating looked out of the door of her office, next before the hall door to the judge's chambers. She lifted her glasses off, peering towards them. ' To Arthur Winner, she said: 'Mr Winner, Judge Lowe rang for me to bring my book in. He won't be long. I was just telling Helen to tell you if you came. She wanted to see you a moment, if she could. Oh, dear! There! ' She darted back to her desk, caught up a stenographic notebook, and opened the heavy mahogany door to the judge's chambers beyond.

Instead, she grasped Mrs Morton's arm in both hands and laid her confiding head against Mrs Morton's shoulder. Seeing Arthur Winner, Mrs Morton said, not without embarrassment: 'The trouble is, I haven't any key, Mr Winner. Gus must be in the cell block. He doesn't hear the buzzer. There! ' Henry Titus said: 'Mr Winner, Miss Detweiler was looking for you. ' He nodded along the passage to the top of the stone steps and the doors open on the marble-lined upper-level hall. Beyond the gleaming frame of bars, a uniformed jail guard approached at a trot.

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