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9). Adey noted that because rapid growth provides a competitive advantage for available substrate space, the high growth rates of PhymatoZithon poZymorphum and Lithothamnium gZaaiaZe observed in the laboratory may explain why these species are the most abundant crustose corallines in the North Atlantic. 21 ...... O! "" C> / I I I / I / -\ \ Winter <, -, Iight~ <, -, \ \ 4 10 TEMPERATURE Co Fig. 9. Laboratory measurements of marginal growth rate of crustose coralline alga phymatolithon polymorphum as a function of temperature and light.

Riding). Fig. 21. Branched calcified filaments of Recent blue-green alga Scytonema Transmitted light. (From Monty, myochrous resembling habit of Ortonella. 1967) . Orton ella \'1 Bevocastria \if Cayeuxia I~ I~ Garwoodia Hedstroemia ~ ------= Fig. 22. Types of branched filaments in Ortonella and related algae. (After Johnson, 1961). Fig. 23. Garwoodia showing right-angle branching pattern. Lower Carboniferous, England. Transmi tted I ight, thin section. (Courtesy of R. Riding). Hudson (1970) made a similar comparison of this Recent cyanophyte and Jurassic species of Cayeuxia.

The presence of skeletal carbonate per se is not a classification criterium; thus fossil calcareous algae are classified according to morphologic characteristics used in the classification schemes of analogous living forms (Table IV) • Despite an apparent understanding of the taxonomy of living algae, some botanists believe that the algae have been neglected by comparison to other plant groups. and that very little is actually known about most marine forms (Dixon, 1970). Most certainly there are problems in classifying living algae, and these uncertainties should be reflected in systematic considerations of fossil forms.

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