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By Diana Palmer

Nick Reed, inner most investigator for the Lassiter business enterprise, wasn't the marrying sort. He craved pleasure, swap, and he by no means stayed in a single position too lengthy. in contrast to Tabitha Harvey. Tabby had lived in the home round the corner to Nick's formative years domestic for years. solid and understated, she craved a house, youngsters and a guy who would really like her. Too undesirable she'd already given her center to a proven bachelor who'd run on the first trace of dedication. untilâ ¦could she switch his methods?

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But it’s hard," she confessed. " "So do I," his sister admitted. "I think he’s pretty special. But, then, so are you, my friend. Keep in touch. And don’t brood, about Nick or the spot you’re in. It will all work out. " "I hope you’re right," Tabby said. But long after she put the receiver down, she remained unconvinced. Chapter Five There was a crowd in the halls when Nick came out of Tabby’s office after having used the computer at Thorn College. Shrieks were coming from the biology lab, and the outer door was open.

Really, incredible. I wasn’t even sure that I’d be able to satisfy you," he said curtly. " She couldn’t look at him. That made it, somehow, even worse. "I couldn’t manage to draw back, to make an effort to protect you," he said slowly. He looked at her flat stomach and something terrifying leaped into his mind. " She flushed. He looked terrified by the prospect. That registered, even through her anguish. "I don’t know," she said miserably. " She looked vulnerable and very frightened. Probably she was.

Go home, Nick. " "You still look a little hung over this morning," he told her dryly. " "Daniel wouldn’t have a screaming fit if I had sex with a martian on my front lawn," she replied imperturbably. "He’s an intelligent man. " "Think so? " she asked with a faint frown. "Nick, you don’t want me, really. You’ve discovered years too late that I had a crush on you, and maybe you were as curious as I was. But that’s all it is. " He stuck his hands deep in his pockets and his eyes grew thoughtful as he stared at her.

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