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While attractive stranger hint Randolph rushes into Lynn Evans' higher Crust area of expertise Bake Shoppe, accuses her mom of seducing his father, then calls for that Lynn placed a cease to their risky affair, Lynn can not help yet burst out guffawing. Lynn's mom is a straight-laced, mousy little girl who do not have the faintest suggestion the right way to move approximately seducing a guy. and she or he definitely could not be endangering the lifetime of Trace's father by way of putting unreasonable sexual calls for on him. . .or might she? Lynn already has extra difficulties than she will deal with, she absolutely does not desire this, too! The development that homes her bakery is at risk of being condemned for construction code violations she cannot have enough money to have mounted. yet much more anxious is her 10th highschool reunion that's simply round the nook; her ex-husband goes to be there, and Lynn has but to discover a date! because the arguments warmth up and the sparks fly, Lynn learns that hint is a wood worker, and he or she will get talked right into a zany plan to aid get a divorce their mom and dad' affair in trade for bringing her build up to code ahead of her quotation date. Does Lynn cease there? No approach! The clever businesswoman additionally talks the hunky hint into posing as her reunion date. yet who's fooling whom? As hint discovers the voluptuous, passionate lady lurking lower than the starched white bakery apron, he and Lynn turn into extra embroiled of their scheme of deceit. emotions get out of hand and the pretense of seduction turns into all too genuine during this enjoyable, great, and fiery new learn by way of Barri Bryan!

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Lynn hesitated. " Trace stood and shrugged his shoulders. ” He took a business card from his shirt pocket and laid it on the counter. Lynn lifted a bowl from a shelf near the counter. ” She set the bowl on the counter and impaled Trace on a stiletto stare. “I get the message. " Trace backed toward the door. ” Turning on his heel he hurried from the room, wondering as he headed out the front door of the shop just what he'd gotten himself into. Chapter 3 Lynn backed her little Toyota from its parking space and swung onto the busy thoroughfare with the sinking feeling that she was on a fool's mission that would only result in angry words and hurt feelings.

She opened the door a little wider. ” Trace took a step forward. " Trace noticed as he stepped inside that she was wearing sheer pajamas and a matching robe. " Lyn closed the door. ” She pointed to a chair. " As Trace sat in the easy chair, she perched on the edge of the couch and folded her hands in her lap. His breath caught in his throat. Her long hair hung in waves down her back. The lamp shining behind her head made it appear to be on fire. ” Visions of him running his hands through that fiery red mass danced unbidden through his head.

Lynn's laughter died away on the end of a loud guffaw. “This has to be a case of mistaken identity. " Trace slanted Lynn a sidelong glance. " Lynn nodded. " Again Lynn nodded. " "Then there's no mistake. Miss Evans, your mother is sleeping with my dad. " This man had some nerve coming into her shop and making unfounded accusations against her mother. Lynn corrected, “It's Mrs. ” What a stupid statement to make. Her mother wasn't sleeping with anyone except a ten-year-old bad-tempered cat named Minerva.

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