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Another property of substances is density. The density of a substance is its weight per volume. That is, density = weight W , or D = 1volume1 1V1 For liquids, density is usually measured in grams per milliliter (g/mL). Which do you predict is less dense, water or cooking oil? Why? ) To confirm your prediction, weigh a 100-mL graduated cylinder. Fill the cylinder to the 100-mL line with water and reweigh. How many grams does 100 mL of water weigh? What is the density of water in g/mL? Repeat the experiment using cooking oil.

Charge the comb as before and have your friend move her finger so that a thin stream of oil flows into another cup several feet below the opening. Does the stream bend when you hold the charged comb near it, as shown in Figure 12? What can you conclude about the molecules of cooking oil? Repeat the experiment using rubbing alcohol and a new Styrofoam cup. What happens this time? Can you conclude that the molecules of rubbing alcohol are polar? Rubbing alcohol is 70 percent isopropanol (also called isopropyl alcohol) and 30 percent water.

Then add about twice as much cooking oil. Do vinegar and cooking oil appear to be miscible? Put the cap on the jar. Then shake the jar in order to break up the liquids and mix them together. Notice the tiny droplets of cooking oil spread throughout the liquid. Such a mixture is called an emulsion. Let the emulsion sit for a few minutes. What happens to the two liquids over time? Why is this mixture called a temporary emulsion? Where else have you seen an emulsion? One example is an oil spill in the ocean.

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