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This cutting-edge record presents an in-depth, finished technical survey of the 3 major coating defense structures for metal reinforcement

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7. Prices of galvanizing and chromate treatment per ton of straight bars of 10 m length Bar diameter: mm Ordinary steel Galvanized steel Combined treatment Ratio combined treatment/ordinary steel Bar diameter: mm 10 20 40 1-9 1-7 1-8 1-7 1-6 1-6 8 16 32 $459 $776 $432 $388 $432 $196 $1235 2-7 $820 1-9 $628 1-5 23 COATING PROTECTION FOR REINFORCEMENT The costs of galvanized reinforcement readily fixed in the formwork will depend not only on the galvanizers' basic price, but in addition the fabricators' mark-up, the length of the bars relative to the galvanizers' kettle, the size of the bar, if the bars are straight or bent, and on other factors as well.

The state of Ontario has a mandatory specification to use epoxy-coated bars in the top mat of all bridges. In the Middle-East, epoxy-coated reinforcement has been used to combat corrosion arising from the often unavoidable use of contaminated aggregates. The Middle-East market is currently greater than 30 000 tons annually. In the UK, applications in the early 1980s were confined to a few small trials, such as the Col wick Loop Road Bridge in Nottingham and a test section of concrete pavement on the M18 motorway.

As the coated bars showed an increase in bond capacity in the top cast position, this could indicate that the coating improves the compaction around the bar and reduces problems due to plastic settlement. 5. Extreme temperatures Epoxy-coatings lose their stability at temperatures of about 200°C. The question is how such bars behave when embedded in concrete. Two similar two-way concrete slabs reinforced with ribbed bars of grade 60 (about 400 MPa) were fire tested. One slab had uncoated bars, the other epoxycoated bars.

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