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By W. J. Verdenius

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28 John Bell Henneman, Olivier de Clisson and Political Society in France Under Charles V and Charles VI (Philadelphia, 1996). xxxvi introduction England after turning over command to his considerably less talented brother, John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster. Edward’s condition continued to deteriorate and in 1376, he died, without having ever come to the throne. The prince’s other leading captain, Jean de Grailly, captal de Buch, was captured in 1372, during fighting that led up to the French reoccupation of La Rochelle.

The battle of La Rochelle effectively ended England’s three decades of naval superiority. Not long thereafter, the port was retaken by the French. Throughout this period, John of Montfort progressively lost his hold on the duchy of Brittany, due largely to his alliance with the English and the resulting opposition of many Bretons, including DuGuesclin and Clisson. At different moments, he was forced to take refuge in Flanders and even back across the channel in England. Despite being restored by the English in 1379, Montfort recognized how the wind was blowing and immediately entered into negotiations with the French.

The final essay in Part One, Clara Estow’s “War and Peace in Medieval Iberia: Castilian-Granadan Relations in the Mid-Fourteenth Century,” tracks the influence of the Hundred Years War beyond the borders of Christendom, into the one remaining Islamic outpost in western Europe, the kingdom of Granada. Estow examines the improbable survival of that small state, hemmed in to the north by an expansionist Castile and reeling from defeats suffered during the first half of the fourteenth century. She argues that Granada owned its continued existence to two factors: first, Castile’s war against Aragon, a conflict that diverted its military attentions eastward and led inexorably to a growing involvement in the struggle north of the Pyrenees; second, a masterful diplomatic and military policy exercised by the contemporary Granadan ruler, Mu˙ammad V (1354– 1391), who skillfully played his Christian neighbors off against one introduction xlv another.

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