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By Harvey, T.F.; Peters, L.; Serduke, F.J.D.; Hall, C.; Stephens, D.R

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Appl. Meteor. 320, 1978. 28. Pu wouldbe loftedas falloutparticlesfromtheseweaponstoo; thus,therecouldbe manytimesthe amountof Pu that wouldoccurfroma singleweapon.

The governmenthaspurchased land at RockyFlats,apparentlyto avoidlitigation. 15. Shelteringand evacuationare difficultactionsand are not likelyto mitigatethe effectsof gammaradiation. We havealsoignoredimmersionand cloudshinedosesbecausethey are substantiallyless severethan the more enduringgroundshine. 16. For Chernobyl,the dominantradionuclidewas 137Csbecauseit is muchmorevolatilethan gOSr. Most of the 137Cswasreleased,whereasonlya smallfractionof g”Sr was released. 17. R. W. Homsy,L. L. Edwards,T.

S. , DE84-005177(327), 1984. 20. K. Foster, R. Freis, andJ. Nasstrom,“Incorporationof an ExplosiveCloud Rise Code into ARAC’s ADPIC Transportand DiffusionModel,”LawrenceLivermoreNationalLaboratory,Livermore,CA, UCRL-ID-103443, 1990. of StackGas Dispersion,” M. Beychok,63 OakTreeLane,Irvine,CA 92715,1979. 21. M. Beychok,“Fundamentals 1987 22. B. A. Boughton,andJ. M. Delaurentis,“An IntegralModelof PlumeRisefromHighExplosiveDetonations,” ASMElAlChENationalHeat TransferConference,August9-12, Pittsburgh,PA, 1987.

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