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Contemporary Fictions of Multiculturalism analyses novels of the past due twentieth and early twenty first centuries that discover ethnic and cultural variety in London. It contributes to key, ongoing debates in literary and cultural stories and, specifically, to debates over the prestige and relevance of multiculturalism today.

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Joe Haldeman has replaced readers' perceptions of technological know-how fiction and struggle via such groundbreaking novels as The perpetually battle and endlessly Peace . Now, the writer David Brin calls ''one of the simplest prophetic writers of our times'' has crafted a story within which the way forward for humanity is intertwined with the future of Rosa Tolliver-an traditional girl within the days after the Civil battle, attempting to make a brand new lifestyles for herself within the Alaska gold fields and feeling a strange experience of being watched.

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In diesem Buch werden die neueren Entwicklungen in der Geldtheorie und der Informationsökonomik auf Fragestellungen zu internationalen Währungsbeziehungen angewendet. Im Anschluß an die Erarbeitung wesentlicher gleichgewichtstheoretischer Elemente von internationalen Währungsfragen werden Transaktionskosten in ein Standardmodell der (realen) Außenwirtschaftstheorie implementiert.

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However, Ali is to lose the ‘relief’ of being someone else that visits to Miss Blake afford him, and in this sense ‘Touched’ is an inversion of ‘The Body’. A seemingly kindly, lonely woman who asks Ali about school and gives him money in exchange for lighting cigarettes for her, when Miss Blake finds out that Ali is half-Indian she immediately tries to initiate a sexual relationship with him, paying him to allow her to touch his body. Indeed, she begins to touch him ‘as if she had never touched another human being and wanted to know what it was like’ (pp.

While Stein’s argument for reading Intimacy as ‘postethnic’ is one that might seem to help locate the novel within Kureishi’s oeuvre Multiculturalism and the Work of Hanif Kureishi 39 (particularly in relation to his earlier work), it is much more problematic to argue that that whole oeuvre itself could be described as postethnic. The risk, as with the postcolonial, is that readings of his work become predisposed towards searching for particular types, and strategies, of resistance; in this case, resistance against ‘the regime of ethnicity’ rather than the regime of imperialism.

Finally, it might be said that the texts on which this book focuses address completely different ‘Londons’. The North West London of Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, for example, is a very different place from the East London borough of Tower Hamlets that we encounter in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane. Londonstani’s Hounslow is very different again. While Chapter 6 of this book examines Brian Chikwava’s Harare North alongside Chris Cleave’s The Other Hand, the Brixton of the former is a world away from the affluent, leafy Kingston-upon-Thames of the latter.

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