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By Raymond A. Dwek (auth.), R. R. Porter, G. L. Ada (eds.)

The contrast among molecular immunology and immunobiology is neces­ sarily arbitrary. the main quick development is mostly made within the blurred region among the 2, while the chemist knows the entire value of the organic difficulties, and the biologist is alert to the contribution knowl­ fringe of molecular constitution should be made to their answer. the diversity of clinical disciplines in a position to give a contribution to investigate in immunology, which this method brings, is mirrored within the current quantity. Protein chemists labored out the association of the polypeptide chains and the amino acid sequences of antibodies and X-ray crystallographers the 3 dimensional constitution, yet extra distinct definition of the amino acid facet chain positions within the combining website is needed for an knowing of the subtleties of antibody specificity. That this is often completed with actual ideas equivalent to nuclear magnetic resonance has been proven by means of R. A. Dwek, and in his bankruptcy he summarizes those effects with at the very least technical element. The immune reaction has been proven to be depending on advanced mobile interactions and extra growth should be facilitated by means of research of the molecular foundation of those interactions. This necessitates learn of the constitution and association of the molecules within the surfaces of lymphocytes and different cells.

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The Dwek 34 intensity of these difference spectra represents only about 1-2% of the total intensity of the Fv spectrum, indicating that very few proton resonances are perturbed on hapten binding. This is again consistent with the conclusion that any conformational changes on hapten binding are very small, and are limited to the immediate vicinity of the combining site. An important feature of these difference spectra is that the protons perturbed are almost entirely aromatic. , 1974), about 14 would be expected to be in the hypervariable regions.

Further infonnation on the aromatic nature of the combining site is obtained by comparing the resonance positions and intensities of the aromatic protons of the Fv that are perturbed on hapten binding (Table VII) with the resonance positions and intensities expected for the aromatic protons in random Dwek 42 c::: --. Q'lnm Figure 27. A picture of the combining site of the Fv fragment of MOPC 315 showing the "aromatic box" deduced from ring current interactions, which also indicate the presence of a second layer of aromatic residues.

Any motion that can cause averaging of the dipolar interactions will result in line narrowing. In a protein, the slow tumbling times will not cause much effective averaging, and the lines will be broad. However, there will be some resonances that exhibit relatively sharp lines. These resonances will arise from amino acid residues that have significant local motional freedom, such as those on the surface of a protein or on parts of the polypeptide chain having some segmental motion. The dipolar interaction is obviously reduced, too, if the number of neighboring nuclei is reduced.

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