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By Paul J. Flory (auth.), Eli M. Pearce, John R. Schaefgen (eds.)

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Ca1culations with the wormlike chain model show that f1, f2, and f3 may be approximated by the limiting value unity for rod1ike chains for practical purposes in the determination of M, , and 0, even in the limit of 1arge L/p (a coi1-like chain) -- in the latter case, for example, is so small that the affect of putting the fi equal to unity is negligib1e. 8 ° Data for solutions of BBL in methane sulfonic acid 8 are shown in Figs. 1 and 2 -- here LS denotes the light scattering averaged and Nw is the weight averaged chain length equal to Mw/mo, where mo is the repeat unit molar weight (mO = 167 for BBL).

Of 2,5-pyridine dicarboxylic acid methyl ester was heated at reflux on a steam bath for 24 hrs. The mixture was cooled and diluted with 200 ml. of methanol and the finely crystalline product collected. This was dissolved in 1500 ml. of water at the boil, and decolorized with charcoal. About half of the water was removed by evaporation and the product allowed to crystallize. p. 279-280. : Calcd. 7. 2. Terephthalic Bis (monomethylhydrazide) : A mixture of 600 ml. of benzene, 200 g. 1 g. of monomethylhydrazine was heated at reflux on a steam bath for 64 hrs.

NATARAJAN. What is the role of phosphoric acid in the spinning system? P. W. MORGAN. ize the base quickly to get coagulation. nd. more dilute base solution - but a polymer solvent nevertheleRs, so the step from polymer solution to a coagulated state is relatively slow. The result could be a very soft, swollen fiber or perhaps no fiber at all. 52 DISCUSSION R. T. NATARAJAN. Can ~u eompare the properties of these materials with Kevlaz'IP aramid fiber properties? P. W. l«lR1AN. zide fiber deseribed has about half that value.

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