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By K.H. Olsen

This multi-author e-book has been ready via a global workforce of geoscientists which were lively in rift examine because the past due Sixties. In 1984, an off-the-cuff, grass-roots examine staff used to be initiated to check person study effects and to discover in higher intensity the obvious transformations and similarities within the interpretations from a number of rift platforms. the crowd grew to become often called the CREST operating crew, an acronym of Continental Rifts: Evolution, constitution and Tectonics, which now not strangely grew to become the identify of this book.Continental Rifts: Evolution, constitution, Tectonics provides an summary of the current kingdom of knowing and data of the tactics of continental rifting from a multidisciplinary, lithospheric scale viewpoint. The chapters were dependent on every one rift process in nearly an identical synoptic series, as a way to facilitate comparisons of rifts by means of the reader. The publication enhances its predecessors through featuring a extra unified photograph. It succeeds in providing the prestige of a consultant majority of the continental rift structures which have been on the vanguard of modern study. for college kids and skilled researchers alike, this e-book should be of important worth in assessing the present country of information and in serving as a framework for destiny study

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