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By Trevor Palmer

In Controversy, Trevor Palmer totally files how conventional gradualistic perspectives of organic and geographic evolution are giving technique to a catastrophism that credit cataclysmic occasions, akin to meteorite affects, for the swift bursts and abrupt transitions saw within the fossil record.
in keeping with the catastrophists, new species don't evolve steadily; they proliferate following surprising mass extinctions. putting this significant switch of standpoint in the context of a number of historic debates, Palmer discusses such themes because the background of the sun procedure, present-day extraterrestrial threats to earth, hominid evolution, and the fossil record.

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4: p. 176} Because of what we now know about the incidence of asteroids and comets in Earth-crossing orbits, and the holes in the ground caused by the impacts of such bodies (see Chapter 1), the astronomers Victor Clube and Bill Napier have gone so far as to claim that, in some respects, "catastrophism is uniformitarianism" [12: p. 94}. With all this in mind, let us go on to consider the historical development of geology and evolution, and assess the contributions made by major gradualists and catastrophists.

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