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By Jan Willem Drijvers

This quantity offers with the episcopate of Cyril of Jerusalem (350 to 387). Its total topic is the connection among the town and its bishop and, specifically, Cyril's efforts to advertise Jerusalem because the Christian urban par excellence, by way of using Jerusalem's spiritual symbols - the holy websites and the move. except chapters on Jerusalem within the fourth century C.E. and at the existence and works of Cyril, this research discusses very important elements and occasions of Cyril's episcopacy, akin to his pastoral paintings as an city bishop of the Jerusalem Christian group, Jerusalem's liturgy, the rebuilding of the Temple, giving a re-interpretation of the Syriac letter ascribed to Cyril approximately this occasion, and Jerusalem's and Palestine's spiritual panorama.

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3. See also n. 12 above. Gibson and Taylor, 199'~, 70-71. g. Hunt, 1982,7; Wilken, 1992,88; Hunt, 1997, 4Il-12; Biddle, 1999, 65; Drake, 2000, 274--75. 4 an order from God had induced Constantine to relieve the site of its p,,1gan sanctuary. t the exact spot of the Crucifixion and blU;al need not be identical, as late antique and medieval sources suggest. 1ged SOllIe 2DO meters south of lhal of Ihe Tomb, undcmealh Ihe t'"er COllstH\ClCd wrdD drrummlUS; Taylor, 1998. According to Taylor (p. " 6' 16 CHAIYrER ONE to the Lateran basilica in Rome, from its inception had to serve as Jerusalem's cathedr

X pilgrim one cannot but get the impression that by the 330s the JCnlsalem topography was already christianized to some extent and that these places were visited and venerated by pilgrims. The number of pilgrims that came to the Holy City is impossible to establish, but the Bordeaux pilgrim and Egeria, who stayed in Jerusalem some fifty years later, can only have been the tip of the iceberg: pilgrimage became a mass phenomenon. Jerusalem attracted pilgrims from different social backgrounds. Among them must have been many common people who remain anonymous to us, but also aristocratic and even imperial pilgrims came to jerusalem.

The Jews Living in or nearjerusalem are nOl known 10 have particip~led in lhe so-called Revolt agaillSl Caesar Gallus in 351. oncenlraled in lhe northern pal' of Palestine, and jerusalem seems 1101 10 have been affected by it. Pist. 24. C:HAPTER TWO LIFE AND WORKS The data for reconstructing the life of Cyril ofJenlsalem are restricted. y accepted that Cyril was born c. 315. This date is an educated guess based on Jerome's remark that Cyril held his CaiecheticaL uctures when still an adolescens.

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