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Czechoslovakia has captured the nation's mind's eye through the 20th century. The Allied betrayal of the rustic to Nazi Germany in 1938 used to be to illustrate the appalling effects of naive appeasement of aggression. The wholesale reform of Soviet communism within the Prague Spring of 1968 received western help, and sympathy whilst it was once beaten through Warsaw Pact tanks. The fierce communist regime thereafter was once introduced down virtually magically in 1989. Czechoslovakia further to the foreign political vocabulary the time period, 'Velvet Revolution', and the velvet metaphor has characterized a lot of the country's path-breaking postcommunist transformation and its peaceable break-up in 1993.In separate chapters on historical past, politics, economics, international kin and the recent Czech identification, this ebook not just applauds the successes of the Czech Republic seeing that 1993, but in addition uncovers the frayed edges of the velvet state.

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People both within and outside the Party were forced to give written denunciations of friends and colleagues who had participated in the Prague Spring or refused themselves to engage in denunciation. A few individuals, such as Havel, opted not to accept this collective act of falsification and became isolated and persecuted dissidents. The regime reimposed strict control over the media, and those who refused to conform to the dictates of the regime met with police surveillance, telephone tapping, coercion and prison sentences.

396–417. 47 Karen Henderson, ‘Czechoslovakia: The Failure of Consensus Politics and the Break-up of the Federation’, Regional & Federal Studies (Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer 1995), pp. 111–33. ’, Chicago Law Review (Vol. 58, 1991), p. 549. 49 Krejčí and Machonin, Czechoslovakia, pp. 207–8. Sazama, ‘Czech and Slovak Economic Relations’, Europe-Asia Studies (Vol. 45, No. 2, 1993), p. 218. 51 A standard English translation is included in Václav Havel, Living in Truth edited by Jan Vladislav (London & Boston: Faber & Faber, 1986).

But that process revealed the Assembly’s general paralysis and Klaus and Mečiar, in their republican power bases, became the driving force of politics. If their discussions in the summer determined anything, it was that separation was becoming inevitable. Klaus opted to push for further market reforms irrespective of the costs to the federation; in so doing, Klaus surprised Mečiar who ironically began a rearguard fight to retain certain benefits of the federation. 67 Many federal politicians still tried to arrest the breakup of the country, and as if showing the hesitation of its delivery, the Czech Republic almost did not come into existence.

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