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Fallon raised his head and swiveled it toward Keenan. “Guess so,” he replied, his gaze raking down Keenan in such a way she ached to lash out and slap the half grin from his chiseled lips. “Well, let’s get down to business,” the Supervisor stated, and came around his desk to perch on one end of it. ” Keenan blinked. ” she repeated, her brows drawing together before they shot up, her eyes widening. “I’ve been sensing something, but drochtáirs? ” She felt Fallon staring avidly at her. “One of our mediums believes seven of them are already here,” the Supervisor answered.

She didn’t know how he’d take being told that she and Matty Groves had been discussing him behind his back. He solved the problem for her. “My stepfather saw my mother and wanted her. He followed her and the man with whom she was living—my father—and in the course of the tail discovered my father wasn’t human. Thinking him a vampire, he laid in wait and beheaded him though he didn’t tell his superiors what he’d uncovered or what he’d done. He forced my mother into marrying him by threatening her unborn child.

He nodded. ” He leaned a shoulder against a column and folded his arms. “When I was growing up, I hated that she was a psychic. I hated what I was. ” 42 Dancing on the Wind He shrugged. ” “I really know nothing of your kind,” she admitted. “What’s to know? My kind—as you so sweetly put it—have supernatural strength and speed and can disappear at will. We have strong psychic abilities. Like our canine and lupine brothers, we are strong trackers and hunters. ” He cocked a shoulder. ” She put a protective hand to her belly.

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