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By Fritz Kahn

This can be the universe : infinity. area without
beginning, eternally, darkish, empty, chilly .
Through the silent darkness of this house move
gleaming spheres, separated from one another by
inconceivable distances . round them, back inconceivably
far away, like bits of dirt misplaced in
immensity, circle smaller darkish spheres, receiving
light and lifestyles from their "mother suns ." One of
these little spheres, within the mild of 1 of the
countless suns in unending area, is our earth . This
is man's domestic within the universe .

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7) Since he is a man of higher civilization, he begins a long explanation, citing tables and curves : his planet was traveling at speed x and the earth at speed y; his planet, during the time of observation, turned through angle a, the earth through angle [3, and consequently . . The judge could go on indefinitely summoning witnesses to the court . An observer from the system of Sirius would testify that the bulb had moved SPACE AND TiM i; IN MODERN PHYSICS 23 Fig . 7. RELATIVITY OF LENGTHS Measurements are valid only in relation to their system of reference .

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The formula speaks in mathematical symbols ; it says nothing about the mystery of reincarnation . The Replacement o f Newton's Concept o f Gravity by Einstein's Concept of the Field A well-known professor of physics in Leipzig used to begin his lectures with a simple demonstration . A metal ball was suspended on a string near his desk . " There is, of course, no "greatest miracle" in nature, just as there is no "greatest work" in art or "greatest drama" in literature . There is only one allembracing miracle, nature itself .

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