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By Laura Baumbach

A twenty sixth century, time-traveling, bounty hunter snatchs a 18th century Earth pirate in a deal to counterpoint the archeoalogical wisdom of mankind, yet as he develops an allure for the likable, free-spirited prey, he makes an attempt to change the deal, threatening either his personal own code of honor and the stern ideas of behavior of his race. Will the affection of a wily, cock-sure, younger pirate be adequate for the stoic hunter to possibility exile from his personal humans?

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What use be me if not for eating? ” He rattled the manacles pointedly. ” The pirate gave Talos’s half-naked form a lingering once over, swallowing hard and then licking his lips when he came to the highly visible bulge at the Oracan’s groin. ” Talos couldn’t decide by his tone if the pirate was repulsed or interested, but the change in his scent told the hunter the truth. The pirate’s arousal filled the air between them and the small human’s breaths started coming in frequent little pants. The old English sailor preference of “beer, ’bacca and bum” that Talos had learned from his research of pirates sprang to mind.

Talos gawked at the chattering little thief and the pirate winked at him. Just exactly who was the fish out of water here? The kid should be quaking in fear, begging for his life, speechless with confusion. Instead, he was running the conversation and confusing the hell out of his captor. “You’re not dead, runt. I took you from the water before you drowned. And I’m not going to eat you. ” He almost laughed out loud at the sudden click the pirate’s jaw made snapping shut. ” The pirate’s voice was tentative, just this side of believing.

The colorful array of lights, smells and people called to him once he reached the lower levels of the station. He stood just inside the crowded room in the Pink Tentacle Lounge and watched the exchange of colored discs, like the ones he had liberated from the suite, for drinks or trays of food. The variety of people, many more odd in appearance than even his sea monster from his dreams, gave him confidence he wouldn’t be out of place. Regaining his natural swagger, Maymon followed his instincts as he worked his way through the crowd, picking pockets and nicking bright baubles from any and all he passed.

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