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5 We employed survey and interview methods for gathering information about the detailed kinds of expertise required for Navy flag billets. The data for this report are the result of the first round of surveys and interviews of flag officers. Survey respondents were flag officers serving in the billets, and most billets had two responses: one from the 5 The process of keeping up with billet requirements as they evolve over time may lead to the need for changes in the domain-specific areas of expertise. For example, there were some rather specific domains in the original survey, such as Sea Basing, that were dropped as too specific during the review process.

Further, an O-9 with Submarine Warfare/Acquisition Management or Submarine Warfare/Financial Management can also fill this O-9 billet. Thus while there are several different combinations of primary and secondary expertise that can fill the O-9 billet, there is only one combination that can fill both the O-9 and O-10 billets. Only one O-8 billet calls for Submarine Warfare/Ship Engineering and Repair, and only one O-7 billet calls for this combination of expertise. While there are six O-8 billets calling for Submarine Warfare/Nuclear Propulsion, because the O-9 billet does not permit Nuclear Propulsion as a secondary area of expertise, none of these six O-8 billets can be considered feeders to the O-10 billet.

A-3). A complete list of billet and officer designator codes can be found in this reference. Background 11 Surface ships, even those more modest in size, such as destroyers, are small cities afloat. Officers and seamen operate equipment that desalinates water and generates electricity, as well as maintain and operate complex communications equipment and advanced weapon systems. 3). This is not to say that a Navy career consists only of developing expertise in different aspects of the art of warfare. 4).

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