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Это исследование предлагает новую модель политического развития Северной Франции через анализ взаимосвязей между графами Булони и их соседями во Фландрии, Пикардии, Нормандии, и Англии. В нём также освещены некоторые отношения между менее сильными графами и их соседями. Организованное хронологически, от конца IX до середины XII столетия, в каждой главе предлагается политический обзор и анализ использования родства, союзов и договоров (формальных и неофициальных) в целях управления и проведения единой ( в той или иной степени) политики. В заключительной главе анализируется формирование репутации и соответствия приверженности семейству Булоней. Книга - часть больших дебатов по феодализму, усилению правительственных учреждений, родовых связей.Образцы сканов:

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27 The prince also exercised a significant degree of influence over areas adjacent to his internal zone which were either nominally independent or subject to the authority of an ecclesiastic; these areas Barthélemy calls the prince’s ‘external zone’. 28 The spheres of influence model is flawed for two main reasons. First, both Dunbabin and Barthélemy argue that it is through feudal bonds that the princes exerted their influence over counts of the second rank. However, as indicated above, the counts of Boulogne were not vassals of the Flemish counts, and per Fossier, feudalism did not play a role in Picardy until the early twelfth century.

The action group then expanded to include clients and friends and they in turn might bring with them others who were tied to them by bonds of kinship or affect. While conceptually one can distinguish friends, clients, and allies, it is more difficult to do so with the surviving documentary evidence since records of gifts or alliances between non-ecclesiastics are rare. A few chroniclers note formal friendships, or amicitia, and occasionally clientage. But most alliances can only be inferred by common action, through the witness lists of charters and notitiae, and in some cases through a marriage.

Searle also stresses the differentiation among ducal sons dedicated to a religious life. She argues that although Frankish nobles also used marriage of female kin to create kinship networks, but the lack of these families’ disposable land led these relationships to be sources of dissension and violence, and that there was little loyalty among brothers or cousins. The Normans, on the other hand, had more land ‘free’ and the presence of implacable enemies on their borders promoted increased cooperation within the ducal family and internal policing under the charismatic leadership of the duke.

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