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By R.J. Prescott

Emily McCarthy resides in worry of a dismal and hazardous prior. A proficient mathematician, she is little greater than a hole, damaged shell, attempting desperately to make ends meet lengthy sufficient to complete her measure. via an not going friendship with the getting older, cantankerous proprietor of an outdated boxing gymnasium, Em is thrown into the trail of the main harmful guy that she has ever met. Cormac “the typhoon” O’Connell is reduce, tattooed and hazardous. he's a deadly weapon without defense and everybody is expecting the mis-fire. He’s by no means been knocked out earlier than, but if he meet Em he falls, challenging. not like the other lady he’s ever met, she does not wish something from him. simply being round her makes him are looking to be a greater individual. they're polar opposites who have been by no means intended to discover one another, yet a few issues are only well worth the struggle. ***Warning*** This publication includes grownup language and subject material, together with a few flashback scenes of abuse and rape, which may be tense for a few readers. This e-book isn't really meant for readers less than the age of 18.

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