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All elements ε ij depend on the electron density ne , the static field |B0 |, and the temperature T e through the variables b and ζ n . All elements also depend explicitly on the parallel and the perpendicular components of the refractive index, that is, on the orientation of the k vector. The phenomenon is called spatial dispersion. Generally, the dependence on the perpendicular component referred to the B0 -field orientation, k⊥ = kx , is through b, while on its parallel component, k|| = kz , through the dispersion function and ζ n .

They are given for different values of the quantity ζ 0 = ω/kz vth as a function of normalized frequency ω/ωc . With decreasing thermal electron velocity, the term − ζ 0 Z(ζ 1 ) contributes only at ω ≈ ωc . 41 shows that all elements containing functions written in Greek letters vanish. Therefore, elements ε xz = ε zx and ε yz = − ε zy are zero, while elements ε xx and ε yy become identical. With this, only the limiting values of three remaining terms need to be calculated individually, ε xx = ε yy , ε xy = − ε yx , and ε zz .

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