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ESSAY, classification and nation, type and celebration,

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R guìs"". t, of a single problem and should,be analysed srrðh. "pt 4 Cited in Luxemburg cleaztages and the ethnic factor 1ed. Davis) 1,976:124-25. 5 Cited in Luxemburg (ed. Davis) 1976:127. 6 Weber (eds Roth and Wittich) 1968:389. 7 Weber (eds Roth and Wittich) 1968:389. 8 Lockwood 1970. 9 Glazer and Moynihan'1,975:1,6-17 . LO BellL975. 11 As Bell puts it, 'it is clear that "class" and "ethnicity" have been the two . . as one or the other become most salient for action, or under what conditions might the two be fused' (Bell L975:'L65-66 litalics added) ).

In the individualist require that all factors other than the individual's measured ability be credo, property thus assumed the same characteristic as money in the ' ', wholly discounted. Even though it might be shown that succejsful marketplace, where the ability to pay overrides all questions as to the , candidates under these arrangements cãme disproportionately from actual source of the buyer's cash. middle-class families, this would not damagè the moral case for The 'individuation' of property and the consequent assault upon selection since it could plausibly be assumed that differences in intelthe purely landed rnonopoly was accompanied by the bourgeoisie's lectual capacity were in fact class-related.

In other words, although the typical bourgeois family will certainly be better equipped than most to cope with the closure system on its children's behalf, it must still approach the task more in the manner of a challenge with serious risks attached than as a foregone conclusion. Even when it is successful it must face the prospect of sharing bourgeois status with uncomfortably large numbers of parvenus. What kind of system is this to provoke such anxieties in the breasts of those supposedly in command?

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